Sue is a forty-six-year-old GP, mother of two, wife of one. Frankie is her older daughter, just fourteen, ready to start out in life. The pair are diametrically opposite in years and energy, yet both teeter on the brink of the next big thing.For Sue, forty-six meeting fourteen is where menopause matches adolescence, anxiety is a mother's middle name, and the new best thing is going to bed. And Frankie? She's thrown off the sugar and spice chrysalis, is surgically attached to her mobile phone, and is learning about boys, padded bras and the absurdities of her parents.Nothing in common? Well, for starters weight worries, man troubles and a shared desire to break free of the shackle that is home. Oh, and their emails and diaries...Wickedly funny, perceptive and at times very tender, What About Me? is a wonderful portrait of real life in an average household, sure to strike a familiar chord with mothers and daughters everywhere.

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