What Hmos Don't Want You to Know About Your Pap Smear: And What Every Woman Should Know


Book DescriptionSo what does your HMO not want you to know about your Pap smear? They pay for you to have one every year, right? And your doctor gives you the results, right? True. But once you read this book and learn more about your Pap smear, you will begin making decisions about your health care that could very well increase costs for your insurance providerA?thatA?s what they donA?t want you to know. After all, their primary goal is to reduce their costs, not to give you the best medical care possible. Contrary to what most insurance companiesA?particularly HMOsA?would have you believe, the largest increase in health care costs in providing Pap smear tests over the past five years has resulted not from increases in physician or laboratory charges, but from the availability of new technologies that can greatly improve the traditional Pap test that was first developed in the 1950s. Since I have spent ten years in the...

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