An in-depth look at todays most pressing business issues through the eyes of Peter Druckerthe father of modern managementChanneling Peter Drucker to tackle some of this centurys most difficult topics, What Would Drucker Do Now? is a veritable treasure trove of fascinating reading. Druckers insights were nothing short of remarkable, and Rick Wartzman pays high tribute to that fact while adding a few of his own.Marshall Goldsmith, author of the New York Times bestsellers MOJO And What Got You Here Wont Get You ThereRick Wartzman has accomplished what I didnt think was possible: a tapestry of ideas drawn from Wartzmans observations and personal experiences, woven together with the wisdom of the most important management thinker of this or any other age.Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Management, the University of Southern California, and author of the recently published Still Surprised: A Memoir of a Life in LeadershipPeter Druckers thinking has had an enduring impact on consumer-driven companies like Macys. . . . [What Would Drucker Do Now?] serves as a compendium of the very best ideas that can help all of our companies win in a highly competitive marketplace for products, services, and customer experiences.Terry Lundgren, Chairman, President, and CEO, Macys Inc.This collection of essays . . . will broaden you as a manager, a leader, and as a human being. . . . Rick Wartzman has done the world a great service by collecting the most incisive observations of a beautiful mind and linking them to problems that face leaders and organizations everywhere.Brian Walker, President and CEO, Herman Miller, Inc.If Peter Drucker is the master, Rick Wartzman is the prized pupil. Drucker would be delighted to see his theories applied in such a cogent, thoughtful fashion.Jim Weddle, Managing Partner, Edward Jones, and consulting client of Peter DruckerAbout the Book:As technology, globalization, and business innovation advance at breakneck speed, the question What would Drucker do now? becomes more relevant by the day. More than anyone of his time, Peter Drucker understood how the individual, the organization, and society are interrelated. And no one better recognized and articulated the challenges facing all threeor came up with more practical solutions to those challenges.Since 2007, the Drucker Institutes executive director, Rick Wartzman, has been asking what Drucker would do on a regular basis in his popular online column for Bloomberg Businessweek. In each piece, Wartzman introduces a current issue and provides a view of it through the eyes of Peter Drucker, based on his deep knowledge of Druckers ideas and ideals.What Would Drucker Do Now? culls Wartzmans best, most timely columns into a single volume, offering a perspective on business and society you wont find anywhere else. Featuring more than 80 articles, the book is organized into seven thematic sections:Management as a DisciplineThe Practice of ManagementManagement Challenges for the Twenty-First CenturyOn Wall Street and FinanceOn Values and ResponsibilityThe Public and Social SectorsArt, Music, and SportsCovering everything from the federal bailout of GM and the scandal at Goldman Sachs to the roles religion and race relations play in a well-functioning society, What Would Drucker Do Now? explores a range of subjects as broad as Druckers remarkable mind. Wartzman provides a smart, original, and provocative look at a world being buffeted by change and in which all organizationsprivate, public, and nonprofitare searching for answers. What would Drucker do now, indeed?

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