The infant with persistent or recurrent wheeze during the first 2 years of life poses a particularly difficult diagnostic dilemma, which can be a source of considerable anxiety to both physicians and parents. Without neglecting basic science, Wheezing Disorders in the Preschool Child presents information in a logical and readable fashion that is particularly useful to the practicing clinicians. Simon Godfrey and Fernando Martinez, two internationally respected opinion leaders in the field of respiratory disorders in childhood, provide a comprehensive overview of the diagnosis and management of paediatric asthma. Focusing on practical issues, the authors expose the lack of existing data on the etiology and pathophysiology of the disease process, outline the optimal approach to diagnosis and management, and discuss the importance of early wheezing as a predictor of the future development of chronic respiratory symptoms in later life. They discuss a simple, logical, and safe approach to management bases on trial and error, that ensures that patients do not continue to receive treatment that is ineffective. The book blends the latest information with practical experience.

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