When Puberity is Precocious: Scientific and Clinical Aspects provides a unique continuum of expertise, looking at puberty from anthropologic, epidemiologic, clinical, and molecular perspectives. The volume addresses broad pubertal changes in the general population while at the same time providing in depth information about specific disorders of puberty and the latest management changes. The text is divided into seven parts. The first is an in-depth investigation into neuroendocrine control of puberty, the second looks at secular trends and the onset of puberty, and the third provides an examination into isolated breast development. The fourth section covers adrenal abnormalities and puberty, the next two sections include chapters on gonadotropins effects, and the final section is a looks at environmental effects on puberty. Comprehensive and timely, When Puberity is Precocious: Scientific and Clinical Aspects will become an essential reference for endocrinologists and internists with an interest in precocious puberty.

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