An interesting alternative for children who love horror stories. These 12 tales from the Northeast Woodland Native American nations are based on legends and mythical creatures from eight tribes. The authors use their own styles to tell about a wide variety of monsters while remaining as close as possible to the traditions of their ancestors. They have set the stories from "the very distant past to very recent times." Now as in the past, these legends offer entertainment and instruction. In many of them, bravery, clear thinking, and goodness allow the hero or heroine to overwhelm a monster and come to a happy ending. Several cautionary tales are also included, showing the end that can befall disobedient or willful youngsters who fail to mend their ways. Intriguing drawings help to bring the fearsome creatures to life. Each story is accompanied by a brief note of explanation and list of sources. A helpful pronunciation guide is appended. A good addition to any folktale collection, for both individual reading and storytelling sessions.

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