'Where would I be without you?'is the story of three people: Martin Beaumont -- a Paris policeman who feels he's failing at life. Emotionally, he's never recovered from the rejection by his first love, and now his brilliant police career is crumbling too. But tonight is his chance to make good. He's lying in wait outside the Musee d'Orsay where he plans to arrest, red-handed, the world's greatest art thief. Archibald Maclean - a man who has spent a lifetime evading justice whilst successfully making off with some of the most important art treasures ever created. He has the luxurious, reclusive lifestyle of a gentleman criminal. But now time is catching up with him, he has just a few months to live and yearns to be reunited with his long-lost daughter.Gabrielle -- leads a quiet life in San Francisco, flying tourists in her sea plane. And she's lonely. She never got over her first love, Martin, and never explained to him why they had no future. She lost contact with her father when she was a child.But both these men are about to come crashing back into her life. As sworn enemies, with Archibald in pursuit of a priceless diamond, and Martin in pursuit of Archibald, they are prepared to fight each other to the death. Gabrielle will have to decide where her loyalties lie in an impossible situation that will take all three to the edge of love and life itself.

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