Whippet Handbook - Giving The Early And Contemporary History Of The Breed, Its Show Career, Its Points And Breeding (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)


"The Author of this book, Mr W. Lewis Renwick, who is the leading authority on the Whippet, has given us here a new angle on the evolution of this popular breed, which is bound to interest all dog lovers. It is also felt certain that his experience, which is gained by over fifty years as Breeder, Exhibitor and Judge, will be of great help to the novice and of interest to all who keep dogs and especially to those who have dogs of the Coursing Breeds. The book itself, while dealing with every up-to-date facet of the Whippet world is rich in historical allusions, and well illustrated with portraits of past and present examples of the breed." Contents Include ORIGIN AND HISTORY: A Miniature Greyhound Whippet Racing Whippet Coursing. EARLY AND CONTEMPORARY SHOW DOGS: Pillars of the Breed Well-Known Prefixes. THE STANDARD: The American Standard Notes on Conformation. BREEDING: Importance of Pedigree Some Important Pedigrees The Litter Dew Claws Some Further Thoughts on Breeding. FEEDING: Puppy Feeding Adult Feeding. EXHIBITING: Getting Ready Sow Procedure Classes Definitions of Classes. BREED CLUBS AND THEIR SECRETARIES GLOSSARY AND TERMS

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