You're out there, you're dating, and you're looking for marriage material. But is he? Believe it or not, many men -- especially men over thirty -- do have the strong desire to settle down and embrace the marriage package. What stops them? How can you tell if the guy who's wining and dining you tonight has (somewhere deep inside his complex male machinery) the potential to make a lifelong commitment to you? #1 Essence magazine bestselling author RM Johnson, who has brilliantly portrayed the provocative dance of the sexes in his acclaimed fiction, now delivers his first work of nonfiction, explicitly designed to shed light on the surprising secrets of the male psyche and unravel these timeless and perplexing questions: Why do men fear marriage? And what can you do to significantly increase your odds for finding Mr. Right? Why Men Fear Marriage is the new dating bible, and it begins with one essential golden rule: If a man is interested, he'll let you know. From there, RM Johnson explains, with wit and honesty, what men really feel and talk about when it comes to looking for a life partner and tying the knot. You'll learn to recognize the five types of guys -- yes, every man fits one of them -- and discover how men's opinions of marriage are shaped in childhood...what men fear might happen after you're men deal with your children from a past relationship...why some men see marriage as giving up control...when a man is really ready and when he's still playing the game. Every page brims with advice women can take to the bank: Ten steps to make him pop the question without an ultimatum How to spot opportunities to meet marrying men -- at the gym, at the market, and elsewhere When to take his phone number, and when to give him yours How to let a guy down...gently Where you should meet on your first date An instant way to win his respect...and much more Finally, this enlightening book will empower women to decide if a man is truly worth considering for marriage or if it's time to move on -- and, in facing the most important decision of their lives, to make the longest, strongest, and best match possible.

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