Despite tenth century Britain's strong defences, Sigurd, a Norse chieftain, threatens a Saxon settlement. Beautiful Rowena, the thane's daughter, is bartered as the price for peace, and although she hates him, part of her is attracted to his handsome exterior and magnetic personality. But she soon learns that beneath this lies a man with a dark secret and a deep hatred for women. Rowena is caught up in his plans for revenge on an old enemy, and even before he takes her to his land of fire and ice, she learns that she will find no mercy at the hands of the depraved heathen. When she finally escapes to Ireland, to end his reign of evil, it is to fall into the hands of cruel dwarves who use her as a sex slave. But Sigurd immediately sets sail to recapture her, the pawn in his game. Can she flee the perversions that are heaped on her? Will her fighting spirit help her win her freedom, or is she doomed to an existence of brutality and slavery?

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