Among the greatest challenges of the twenty-first century is that of providing adequate educational opportunities to all citizens of the globe. The broad availability of such opportunities and the genuine ability to take advantage of them are fundamental components of any equitable society. In examining how widening access to education contributes to social justice, this anthology composes a tribute to the life and work of the Nigerian educationist Michael A. Omolewa. The twenty-seven contributions to this volume discuss foundational issues related to the educational dimensions of social justice, present overviews of approaches related to widening access, and analyze case studies from around the world, as well as consider future directions in education policy and research. This thematic depth is matched by the geographic representativeness of the work, with contributors coming from the global South and North. Widening Access to Education as Social Justice speaks with a credible and powerful voice about how making greater formal and informal educational opportunities available to men and women, young adults and children everywhere can help bring about more equitable ways of living together, thereby fostering the goods of cultural diversity, tolerance and respect along with the creativity and responsibility vital to bringing about actual social harmony.

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