In The Widowers' Manual, Wouter Looten uses his own journey and experience to effectively guide you through a new and strange world: the realm of the widower. When you find yourself in this unknown reality you feel lost, angry, and numb. Now get ready to exchange these negative sensations for empowerment, caring and being present in the world. The Widowers' Manual presents a set of five anchors, which helps you, step by step, to sort out the biggest challenge you have had to deal with: the death of your partner. This comprehensive book offers you a practical outline on how to get back on track. It reveals how to put the experience of becoming a widower into perspective in a way that gives you the ability to create order from chaos. Wouter Looten, who lost his wife over a decade ago, shares his message of how you can go forth and wield the mayhem of emotions to your benefit so you can act on an even higher level in the game called life. This is not your everyday book on how you could overcome your spouse's demise. The Widowers' Manual shows you how to proficiently turn the experience of losing your loved one into new ways in which you can create a prosperous and compelling future.

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