The first collection of plays by one of Britains most original dramatistsThis first volume of Snoo Wilsons plays contains a mixture of his best early work from the 1970s and more recent efforts. Long considered to be a legend of Fringe theatre, Snoo Wilsons early plays had such absurd titles as Girl Mad as Pigs and Ella Daybellfesses Machine. All of Wilsons plays search out strange psychological states in his characters and situations. Blowjob is a dark study in alienation and violence; in Pigsnight a Lincolnshire farm is taken by a sinister gang and turned into a machine for the organised butchering of animals. The Soul of the White Ant explores the weird world of the South African naturalist Eugene Marais whose ideas about a corporate soul lead to insanity. The volume also includes two plays with a Freudian perspective: More Light and Darwins Flood. The volume includes an introduction by the author and notes by his various collaborators."Snoo Wilson tackles dark pockets of human endeavour with an original wit and a savage humour" (Financial Times).

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