In the early 1990s Nepal is pre-revolutionary but entangled with action to come. Corruption and inequality are sticking in the throat. The King, controlling the army, and Parliament because he can close its doors, is called the fourth richest man in the world. Per-capita income is $100 a year. Only high-caste have access to government jobs, these usually pocket-filling. Visas are paid for upon airport arrival, trekking permits procured in Kathmandu...almost nothing getting beyond pockets, or the king. The poor get little education. The American Jim Bart, feels you can submerge privilege by legislating rights. A Parliamentary election is due and Jim is invited to speak by a "democracy" candidate. Jim speaks. Eeruptively, a sea of Nepalis follows him to the Secretariat gate. To the media...the changes called for are few. Jim begins to trek the Everest trail, but soon learns that new Prime Minister, Sadhev Raj Dahal, has ordered his arrest and execution.

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