Windows Assembly Language & Systems Programming: 16- And 32-Bit Low-Level Programming for the PC and Windows


Explore the architectural details of Windows at the system level. "Windows Assembly Language and Systems Programming" provides the how-to information and example code advanced developers need for the full range of systems-level programming - vital to developers moving applications from Windows 3.x to Windows 95. This book - together with the code on the ftp site - provide a treasure trove of example programs, useful source code, documentation, and powerful utilities to address everything from BIOS, direct hardware access, virtual machines to real-time events, and options for managing program transitions. Author Barry Kauler demystifies assembly language for programmers new to Windows and reveals systems programming tips and tricks. He explains the architecture of microprocessor hardware, and how these features affect programming; demonstrates how to write complete, object-oriented assembly language programs in as little as nine lines; illustrates the art of thinking from...

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