Let a world-class surfer guide you into the sport or coach you to the next level “I love surfing! From the moment I caught my first wave and experienced that sensation of riding on top of the water, for a brief moment feeling as if I had mastered the power of the ocean and somehow tricked it into doing my bidding, I was hooked.” --Robert “Wingnut” Weaver Whether you're preparing to ride the waves for the first time or tackle bigger surf and difficult maneuvers, Wingnut Weaver is the perfect instructor. His surfing expertise is matched only by his enthusiasm for the sport. This book matches Wingy's hard-won insights with coauthor Scott Bannerot's hacker perspective to both anticipate a beginner's every question and coach intermediate surfers onto bigger waves and new challenges. They will get you surfing in two hours or less . . . and hooked for a lifetime. You'll learn: What equipment you need Surf dynamics and how to...

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