GOVERNOR HOWARD DEAN'S GRASSROOTS BID FOR THE PRESIDENCY IS GENERATING EXCITEMENT IN EVERY CORNER OF AMERICA. In Winning Back America, Governor Dean writes for the first time about his life and the people and events that have shaped him, beginning with his upbringing in New York and taking us through his medical career, eleven and a half years as governor of Vermont, and finally into his presidential campaign. Howard Dean writes about: The years at college that changed the way he looks at America His decision to attend medical school and the origins of his commitment to children and to universal health care Meeting his wife, Judith Steinberg, and bringing up a family in Vermont One dramatic day that he began as an internist and ended as governor The successes of his governorship His decision to run for president of the United States His vision for the country Winning Back America is Howard Dean in his own words. Dean tells his story with characteristic verve and forthrightness and also with emotion as he reflects on the death of his father and on the disappearance of his brother Charlie in Southeast Asia at the end of the Vietnam War. Howard Dean's personal recollections bring us a full portrait of the candidate as a father, a husband, a son, and as a political leader.

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