Networking has become commonplace in the home. In years past, it took a trained technician to set up and manage a computer network; that's not the case anymore. With more and more households having multiple PCs, there is an increased demand to network those PCs to share files, peripherals, and an Internet connection. And it's become much easier to create a home network, thanks to easier-to-use wireless networking technologies and equipment. The problem is setting up a wireless network can still be somewhat confusing, and often difficult. Even setting up a simple wireless network to share an Internet connection can be a frustrating trial-and-error process. What kind of wireless network should you choose -- 802.11a, b, g, or n? What equipment do you need? How do you configure all your computers to work on the network? How do you share a single printer on your network? The confusion continues when one considers the different issues related to different operating...

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