All Aboard the Crazy Train This is Ozzy Osbourne in all his raw and unfiltered glory; four decades worth of his best quotes, oddest observations, risque retorts, and yes, even articulate ponderings. Ozzy might come across as a nutter (and rightly so), but when you sit down and seriously consider what he's saying...well, he's f**king Ozzy Osbourne and he's got things to say! The Prince of Darkness sounds off on various topics including: Black Sabbath: "We thought, Let's scare the whole f**king planet with music." Drugs and Alcohol: "I was always a miserable drunk." Rehab: "I still take medication, but not for fun." ~ Himself: "I don't know who Ozzy is. I wake up a new person every day." The Wit & Wisdom of Ozzy Osbourne reveals Ozzy's philosophy of life and reflects the spirit of the man who made Black Sabbath famous, Christian groups frightened, and The Osbournes a hit reality TV show.

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