Did you know there is a proper way to give and receive business cards in Japan? Westerners and the Japanese communicate daily in business, education and social settings; yet, our cultures and social norms are vastly different, which can cause unexpected miscommunication. In With Respect to the Japanese, a time-honored classic on Japanese culture, readers will discover how to interact successfully with the Japanese and, in the process, earn their respect. For decades, this book has been the authority for teaching Westerners how to better interact with Japanese culture. In this fully updated new edition, John Condon presents Japanese culture in simple, concise language, examining the critical elements of Japanese culture that affect the way Japanese and Americans perceive and react to each other, while offering concrete guidelines for establishing effective relationships. Condon explains Japanese collectivism in contrast to American individualism, and how these foremost societal characteristics affect decision-making, rhetoric, management styles, workplace behavior and much more. Readers will discover how to avoid embarrassing the Japanese, as well as how to earn their respect.

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