Fiona has a thriving business and eventually 'poaches' her husband, Tony, from the bank which funded the business in the first place. She then discovers that Tony has been using the company's facilities to seek out porn sites to find himself an internet mistress. She enters into a dialogue with the mistress, pretending to be Tony and is given a vivid erotic description of the mistress's session that morning with an American. Despite all her reservations, Fiona is wildly turned on. Fiona uses her knowledge of hypnosis to put Tony completely under her control - and begins to take revenge, coercing him into acts he would never have done in the past. But he goes into a faint when she asks him about Mistress Regan: that is one step too far. Double dealings are uncovered as Fiona goes further into her husband's activities and from then on Tony's life has only one way to go - downhill! From his Internet Mistress to his disgruntled secretary and newly dominant wife, Tony quickly finds out that it is not a good idea to double-cross women. Life for Fiona now becomes very interesting; but for Tony much, much worse!

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