Build Your Word Know-Howand Stand OutThe right words help you make a good impressionsmart, professional, and trustworthy. Poor word choices can make coworkers, teachers, friends, or editors think youre unprofessional, uneducated, or lazy. It's critical that you learn the best methods for preventing wrong-word problems and catching errors in your writing.Word Savvy teaches you simple, easy ways to confidently avoid mistakes and ensure your success.Distinguish between confusing word pairs: Whats the difference between accept and except or sight, cite, and site?Confidently use commonly misused words: What do nonplussed, quay, gourmand, and ambivalent really mean?Get rid of mistakes in your speech and writing: Did you know diligency isn't a word?Apply the rules (and exceptions) for tricky singulars and plurals: Whats the plural of addendum?Learn how to keep up with buzzwords and how to tell when the buzz wears off: What are the best strategies for staying on top of popular jargonand avoiding irritating your coworkers with words that are past their prime?Plus, identify the keywords that will make your rsum stand out: What industry-related words and powerful verbs will get your rsum past the automated scanning software?No matter what kind of writing you do in your day-to-day life, Word Savvy gives you the strategies so that you can recognize, remember, and use the right wordevery time.BONUS ONLINE CONTENTDownload 3 free bookmarks, each with 10 savvy words everyone should know, at

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