Proven Formula for a Balanced, EffectiveChristian LifeToo often churches emphasize the Bible without welcoming the work of theHoly Spirit, who inspired the Bible. Or they focus on seeking manifestations ofthe Spirit while neglecting sound Bible teaching. The result: a schism in their faithlives in which they cut God--and his power--out of Christianity's equation. Howcan God draw a lost world to his Son through people who are powerless?With over 170 years of diverse ministry experience among them, respectedveteran leaders R. T. Kendall, Charles Carrin, and Jack Taylor restore balance tothe Christian walk. They show that when the Word is faithfully preached and theHoly Spirit warmly welcomed, the Lord manifests his power, bringing salvation,miracles, healings, heart understanding, and much more. Only when Christianshonor the Word and the Spirit can they lead empowered, fruitful lives.

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