A fascinating view into the arcane nature of the workplace, Words at Work delves into fifteen professions-both ordinary and extraordinary-to discover the unique and colorful vocabulary that gives them their energy. The occupations are eclectic, from every day jobs like waste manager to singular positions like symphony orchestra musician; but the connections between words-which make you feel as though you're having a conversation with someone in the know-and Mim Harrison's skills as a writer, give readers an uncommon and highly perceptive glimpse into each of these worlds. Now you'll know what it means when the musician sheds the part (practices the music), the airline pilot mentions the wing walkers (the gate crew that guides your plane to a stop) and the waste manager yells out white goods (an appliance like a stove or refrigerator that is destined for the trash heap).Harrison is captivated by the singular vocabularies of these occupations and she shares her fascination with readers. Whether you're a linguaphile who has always been curious about the lingoes attached to professions, or starting out in one of the occupations and hoping to get a leg up on the vocabulary, Words at Work will both charm and educate. Mim Harrison has a unique ear for language, and a gifted light touch as a writer. That combination makes Words at Work a highly original entry in the crowded field of language books.

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