It is unusual to be charmed and horrified by alternate sentences, but this is Abi Grants gift as a writer . . . I cried, I laughed and then I cheered! Julian Clary Everything in Abi Grants life changed the night a serial rapist broke into her flat and attacked her in her sleep. She fought back and the police were called, but despite a full investigation, they found nothing even Crimewatch couldnt help. Traumatized, she lost her job, then her flat. She took to drink. Her world fell apart. But the police didnt give up, and twelve years later after re-examining the evidence they found a fingerprint match . . Justice demanded that she go to trial to convict a violent criminal but, despite being a blameless victim, the extraordinary court battle that followed would change her life all over again. Words Can Describe is the tale of one womans descent into despair, her journey back to hope, and the extraordinary people she met along the way. Abis words often bitingly funny and always brutally honest tell her remarkably moving story in her own powerful voice. Vivid, frank and courageous . . . Many women will be grateful to Abi Grant for telling the truth at, I imagine, some cost to herself Joan Smith

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