Managers come and go. Projects end and teams disband. No matter how often or how quickly business events change, people and the resulting conflicts remain very much the same. For nearly a decade, Work It Out has been at the forefront helping business leaders, managers and consultants simplify the complex--and sometimes chaotic--interactions between people at work. Now with fresh insights on applying key concepts from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(R) (MBTI(R)) tool in executive coaching, plus more hands-on exercises and examples, this newly revised edition of Work It Out expands its focus on the powerful solutions type theory provides to address some of today's most pressing issues: fostering sustainable change, building strong management teams, preparing for rapid business growth and battling office politics. Whether you are managing up or struggling to balance styles with direct reports or colleagues, type experts Hirsh and Kise show how to celebrate differences while capitalizing on the unique strengths of every individual. They examine each leadership and management style based on type--from visionary INFJs to entrepreneurial ENTPs--and thorough case studies and techniques that run throughout every chapter detail effective teambuilding and coaching strategies to enhance communication, reduce stress, resolve personality conflicts and improve individual, team and organizational performance.

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