A guide to creating joyful success in work and in lifeWhat the world needs is more showoffs.Showing off is a good thing. Showing off is a mindset. Showing off is about living life and doing work in a way that creates joy, jazz, and a kick in our lives and in the lives of those around us. This is a business book for almost everyonefrom executives and managers to receptionists and sales clerks. Heres the key: success is an inside job. After 26 years of studying and working with top performers, Joe Calloway shares the key factors in creating successwithout pulling any punches. Work Like Youre Showing Off! isnt for sissies; its a tough, realistic approach to getting the most out of life by giving more to others.This book proves that not only is "working like youre showing off" the smartest way to get ahead in a career, its also the most joyful and rewarding way to live.Work Like You're Showing Off! the absolute keys to personal and professional success including:Never be as good as you're going to beWhat you think of me is none of my businessExpect to connectGet back inside the boxGrand stupidity and absurd braveryWhat have you done for me next?

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