Working Class Lesbian Life is a convincing and touching account of the exclusions, inequalities and everyday trials and triumphs faced by working-class lesbians. It expands and interconnects the fields typically associated with sexuality studies, such as intimacy, leisure and sex education, with class analysis, demonstrating the relevance and combined 'double jeopardy' of negotiating, and defying, deviant and stigmatized status. From growing up and 'coming out' to occupying and enjoying classed and sexual space, from classroom sanctions and prohibitions to post-school transitions, both class and sexuality are seen to profoundly affect material possibilities and impossibilities, as well as identifications and dis-identifications. In retelling these stories the shared commonalities between interview accounts are not academically abstracted but instead, close attention is paid to the issues and areas which most affect working-class lesbians, including their own, generally absent, meanings and definitions of class. In bringing together classed and sexual encounters, exclusions, realizations and resistances, in education, employment, scene space, home space and intimacy, this book is empirically and theoretically exciting. It offers a timely critique of queer theory, while personalizing analyses of the political economy of sexuality, through attention to everyday lives.

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