The acclaimed, life-changing book that shows you how to stop "working" on yourself--and start living in the momentHave you ever wondered what it would feel like to go through your life without stress or self-doubt? To have a real sense of inner peace and fulfillment? Now you can--through the three simple principles in this book. Just as they do in their world-renowned workshops, Ariel and Shya Kane teach a refreshingly natural approach to living that is easy to do yet dramatically transformative. The three simple ideas that form the foundation of their approach are:What you resist persists and grows stronger.You can only be exactly as you are in the moment.Anything you allow to be exactly as it is completes itself.Once you grasp these three straightforward but enlightened concepts, you can stop "working" on yourself and start living the life you've always wanted--free from your old perceptions, and open to world of possibilities for discovering the ins and outs of who you are."Working on Yourself Doesn't Work has much to offer to anyone who wants a more meaningful and spiritual life."--New York Spirit magazine "This may be the most profound and life-transforming book you'll ever read. If you want a life filled with excellence, well-being, and happiness, read this book now!"--Marie Forleo, author of Make Every Man Want You

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