In the late 1990s age is a pressing concern on a scale previously unimaginable in the social sciences and caring professions. The inexorable development of the age pyramid and the quick pace of technological change has brought work and age together as inter-linked areas of study and intervention.; This text introduces current academic thinking on work and age and describes ways in which working methods, the organization of work, and innovative programmes (such as tailored training) can be introduced to reflect more accurately an intrinsic part of human life: ageing. The book encompassing physiological, psychological and social factors. The object is to define clearly diverse aspects involved in the passing of time - ageing, generational effects, experience and other marks of time. Their combined effects reveal different signs of ageing on behaviour as well as on strategies to contend with professional requirements at different stages in life.; The style of this text makes it accessible to a non-specialist public but also opens avenues for those who wish to delve deeper into the matter to discover the state-of-the-art questions and issues being addressed in international work and age research.

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