This is an account of the murder of two young women, Helen Scott and Christine Eadie, who died in October 1977. It is the story of these crimes and of the thirty year investigation that followed. This is not a gruesome tale of murder; the families of these young girls have suffered enough. Nor is this account devoted to the controversy in which the trial of Angus Sinclair was brought to an end in the Autumn of 2007.This is a story of heroes, of the families of Helen and Christine who, with a quiet dignity, have carried an unimaginable burden down the years, and the police officers, the support staff and the scientists who over the generations have persisted in their investigations, never gave up and though they suffered many a setback never forgot Helen and Christine. "The World's End Murders" is an intelligent, compassionate and insightful account of a time and place in Scottish criminal history which both carefully examines the World's End murders and sensitively restores afresh the memory of two innocent young women, as well as the others who fell victim in 1977 and 1978.

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