This book could save your business!Since 1999, the Worst-Case Scenario survival handbooks have provided readers with real answers for the most extreme situations. Now, in a time of economic crisis, the bestselling series returns with a new, real-world guide to avoiding the worst business cataclysms.Here, you'll find solutions for the most dangerous, deadly situations your business will ever encounter-whether those crises relate to finance, human resources, strategy, sales and marketing, or the executive suite. This book is no joke-and you won't find any buzzwords or fables about fictitious CEOs in here-just expert advice and step-by-step info on what to do when you're facing a true business nightmare. You'll learn how toStay in business when you can't make payrollFend off an employee coupPerform emergency surgery on your overheadDeal with nightmare customers And much, much moreUntil now, there's never been a clear, step-by-step guide to dealing with the sudden turns for the worst that can doom your business. The Worst-Case Scenario Business Survival Guide provides you the answers you need when disaster strikes-and what you must know to avoid the next one.

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