The Scevinge have lived alone on their crannog by the river Warf for over a hundred years. Within a single cycle of seasons their whole world is to be shattered from without and within. Only those who can adapt will survive.The first book in the series, Year of the Celt: Imbolc relates the lives of the Scevinge* in ancient Wharfedale through the first quarter of a momentous year. The story begins a few days after Samhain* as the weather turns, heralding yet another harsh winter. The Scevinge, of the Brigantes*, live on a crannog* built on the marshy ground by the river Warfe. They will soon be cut off from the world as the temperature plummets and snow buries the tracks.Already there are rumours of Ice sheets covering the northern lands of the Caledones* and beyond. The rapidly changing climate is threatening the very existence of all of northern Britain. Only through co-operation and adjusting their lives to the new reality will they have a chance of surviving. But before you can work with someone, first you have to trust them.Young Rab goes out hunting as he feels its his responsibility to bring home the food since his father left on a quest to discover the truth about the coming ice. On his way back from his first hunt he has two encounters that will change his and the lives of all the villagers forever.*Samhain - (November 1st) the start of the Celtic New Year*Scevinge - tribe and village (modern day Otley in Wharfedale)*Brigantes - major tribe straddling the Pennines.*Caledones - tribe occupying the Great Glen, Scotland.*Crannog - a village built on a raised platform

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