The only question more popular among the Jewish people than "have you eaten yet?" is "Yes, But Is It Good for the Jews?" Jews have long considered everything from current events to dinner menus to NBC's fall lineup through this essential prism. Revealed here for the first time is the ancient method by which to evaluate this burning question-the mathematical art of Judology. Think of it as the third cousin of Kabbalah. Yes, But Is It Good for the Jews? is a hilarious tour of world history and culture that features entries on a wide variety of subjects including: Ikea, The Bible (Old and New Testaments), Vidal Sassoon, Scientology, and more. Each one includes a definition, an explanation for why it might or might not be good for the Jews, and the Judological formula which untimely determines the answer. It's easy: Antisemitic Potential/Backlash + Impact on the world x The J Factor (level of Jewishness) = Tzurus (Yiddish word for "trouble") / 7 (Kabbalah mystical number) = Good or Not Good for Jews This must-have guide for our times will tell you which celebrity to disparage (Madonna), which product to boycott (Nintendo), which book to skip (almost anything by Hemingway) and which country to avoid (Turkmenistan). Yes, But Is It Good for the Jews? is the perfect gift for every night of Chanukah or for the Bar Mitvah boy/Bat Mitzvah girl in your life. Jonny Geller is a literary agent and is based in London where he lives with his wife and two sons.Visit for a quiz, a blog and more.

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