The phrase "three's a crowd" is never more true than when referring to a marriage. Yet affairs affect almost a third of all couples. Wronged women need a place to turn when the situation "that could never happen to them" suddenly does. In this book, relationship expert Dr. Paul Coleman helps women: Process the terrible news; Confront the unfaithful spouse in the most useful way possible; Create an effective short- and long-term action plan; Learn about the nature of love triangles: how they persist and how they disintegrate; Handle encounters with the other woman; Decide whether the marriage can be salvaged or not; Come to a difficult--but crucial--emotional acceptance of the affair; Rebuild trust in order to heal and move forward should they choose to stay together. A cheating husband can make a woman feel like her life is over. But women can put the affair behind them and save their marriage with Dr. Coleman's realistic, down-to-earth strategies. Or, they can decide that she deserves better and move on. This groundbreaking book will show women how.

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