Save Time, Save Money, Save the Earth! Whether you're a perfetionist, a fun-loving spirit, an easy-going soul or a bold and adventurous type, Your Eco-Friendly Yard helps you create the yard of your dreams. Putting economical and sustainable techniques ot use, permaculture expert, Tom Girolamo teaches you how to make positive property decisions that reflect your personality, meet the needs of your lifestyle, and protect the earth. More than 20 projects, accompanied by step-by-step photos, demonstrate how to use existing resources in your yard to create a healthier ecosystem, while incorporating simple, yet sustainable practices. You'll discover tips and advice about: - Mulching and composting - Water efficiency and conservation practices - Building rustic furniture - Constructing a natural outdoor shower - Using solar panels for energy efficiency - Growing your own fruits and vegetables Turn your property into a powerhouse of benefits you will enjoy for a lifetime with Your Eco-Friendly Yard.

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