Webinars are powerful tools to reach large audiences spread out in different locations and they serve a wide variety of purposes. They are used to present information to selected audiences, such as clients and investors; and webinars are fantastic marketing tools.

However, a webinar's success will depend on how carefully the preparation is done. A webinar gone well can increase exposure and profits; but a webinar gone bad can have a devastating impact on your business and reputation.

In this guide we talk about four different aspects of what it takes to host a webinar:

1-The technical side: understand what core elements you need to hold a webinar; everything from the right software to the human factor.
2-The organizational stage: the 10 crucial steps for organizing and building momentum around your webinar.
3-The preparation process: how to build a compelling presentation taking into consideration both the limits and possibilities the technology offers.
4-The delivery: the best practices when you"re live with your webinar.

This is a step-by-step guide to successfully deliver your first webinar.

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