Retirement is a time for positive good health. Once free of the strains and pressures that are part of any job retirees often feel less harassed, look better and have the energy to devote to new interests and activities. It is essential to stay physically and mentally active in order to delay the onset of old age and legitimately look forward to many healthy years ahead. Your Health: How to Keep Fit, Prevent Illness and Manage Your Health Care gives you advice on how to keep trim, fit, relaxed and contented and still enjoy small vices without paying the penalty for over-indulgence. It teaches about accident prevention, health insurance, screening, the NHS and going into hospital and provides specific information on caring for eyes, teeth, feet and hearing and dealing with serious health problems. Packed with invaluable tips and useful contacts, it will help you to maintain a health and fitness plan which will have a positive effect on your mood and self-esteem and propel you towards a care-free retirement.

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