In “You’re Addicted to You,” Executive Coach Noah Blumenthal argues that there is no magical pill for changing your ingrained behaviors. People often try to treat their behavioral addictions the way they would treat a common cold. Take a couple aspirin, and it will disappear. Not the case for self-addictions . There is an endless wealth of information on improving one’s self, on how to become thinner, or smarter, or kinder, or happier, or more charismatic, or better in general. However, very few of these books actually work. Most of these books provide new behaviors and supply wonderful ideas, but they don’t help us address our current addictions and ingrained behaviors. We have had our behaviors shaped, molded and reinforced thousands of times over the course of our lifetime. We have been conditioned to act in a certain way when faced with certain types of situations. We can’t simply come up with something better and turn off the old behavior. As such, much of the...

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