Stuck in a rut? Need to get outside the box? Don't know what you're doing? Try a little Zen Analysis. Whether you're new to systems analysis-or have been there, done that and seen it all-but especially if you want to ponder the significance of information systems analysis in the scheme of the universe, this book is for you. The author brings a unique perspective to the problems of computer system analysis & design that will get your creative juices flowing. Chapters consider the essence of Analysis, Design, Consulting, Business, Economics, Culture, Methodology, and Modeling. Each topic is looked at from a perspective that will give experienced or aspiring analysts a new way of looking at the job. Learn why and how to Embrace Contradiction and Choose the Middle Way to come up with an idea which is completely absurd, except that it works. This will let you attack a difficult problem from another angle, one that leads to a surprisingly elegant solution. This book is the opposite of...

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