Zen and the Magic of Photography is geared toward helping photographers develop their visual awareness, sensitivity, and intuition. It is designed to improve the quality of your photography by helping you to discover, create, and capture the points of intersection and merging between photography and Zen; between camera and "real moments"; between seeing and being. This is the point at which all such distinctions no longer exist, the point at which photography and Zen are one. This is the point at which we discover and create our best photographic images.. Topics include: - The nature of Zen - The nature of photography: the two essential elements in every photograph - The relationship between Zen and photography - The art of photographic analysis: making the invisible visible - How to experience the creative process - How to make your best photographs: experiencing Zen through photography and photography through Zen - The interconnections and interrelationships between the still photograph, the photo essay, and the motion picture - Photographic examples of the points of intersection and merging between photography and Zen

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