Privacy Policy

1. General

1.1. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter the Policy) applies to all and any information that may be received by Content Management, S.A. (Oliaji Trade Center, 1ST Floor, Virginia, Seychelles) (hereinafter the Site Administration) about the user during his or her use of ReadRate Website located on the Internet at (hereinafter the Website).

1.2. By using the Website the user unconditionally agrees to this Policy and conditions of processing of the user's personal information referred to herein. The user shall not use the Website unless the user accepts such conditions.

2. Personal Information of Users Received and Processed by the Site Administration

2.1. For the purposes of this Policy “user's personal information” includes:

2.1.2. personal information that the user provides about themself when logging onto the Website, entering data on their personal page or using the Website, including the user's personal data. Information mandatory for services to be provided through the Website is specially marked. Other information is provided by the user at the user's discretion;

2.1.3. data published by the user on the Website, for example, when describing their reading activity, commenting on books etc. This also includes information that the user makes available when performing actions such as, for example, ticking a book as “I like” or “I don't like”, “I'm reading”, “I've read” or “I'm going to read”, posting quotes from a book, searching friends by importing contacts;

2.1.4. the user's name, photo (avatar), sex, time zone, addresses of entries in associated social networks and the user's digital identifier are processed as information that the user has decided to make available to everyone;

2.1.5. information and data about the user made available by other users, for example, when they upload contact details of the user, post photos with the user, tag the user in photos or their status or elsewhere or add the user to a group;

2.1.6. information and data about the user that the Site Administration receives through the user's interaction with the Website, for example, when the user goes to a third-party website by following a link posted on the Website, views the chronicle of another user, clicks, follows or otherwise interacts with the Website etc.;

2.1.7. data from the computer, cellular telephone or any other device that the user uses to log into the Website, including when several users log in from the same device, such data being automatically transferred to the Site Administration during its use through software installed on the device, including the IP address, cookie details, information about the user's browser (or any other program used to access the Website), access time, and address of the requested page;

2.1.8. the following types of information are always public and are processed as if the user has decided to make these details available to everyone: their name, profile photo, sex, and time zone;

2.1.9. the URL address to the Website (or the user name) is a link to the user's chronicle that the user may make disclose to third parties or publish on a third-party website. The URL address of the user's profile includes the user's digital identification number. The Site Administration also uses the user's identifier to identify the user's personal page on the Website. Any third parties that have the user's name or identifier can use them to obtain information about the user on the Website;

2.1.10. data about the user available on the user's personal page (in their account) in the online store at or the relevant social network used by the user to log into the personal page on the Website;

2.1.11. any other information about the user collection and/or provision of which is determined in the Terms of Use of ReadRate Website;

2.1.12. other user’s data when is prescribed to collect in accordance to the term of policy regulation of Site Administration’ s partners;

2.1.13. by publishing personal information onto the Website User confirms that he or she doing it willingly and therefore agrees to provide the respective information to the Site Administration.

2.2. This Policy only applies to ReadRate Website. The Site Administration does not control nor is it responsible for third-party websites that the user may go to by following links available on the Website, including in search results. Such websites may collect or request other personal information from the user and perform other actions.

2.3. as a rule, the Site Administration does not verify the accuracy of personal information provided by users nor does it control their legal competency. However, the Site Administration proceeds from the assumption that the user provides accurate personal information on issues included in the Settings section of the user's personal page on the Website and keeps this information up to date. Consequences of provision of inaccurate information are defined in the Terms of Use of ReadRate Website.

3. Purposes of Collection and Processing of Users' Personal Information

3.1. The Site Administration only collects and stores personal data that it requires for the provision of services through the Website (performance of agreements and contracts with the user).

3.2. The user's personal information may be used by the Site Administration in order to:

3.2.1. identify a party to agreements and contracts with the Site Administration;

3.2.2. provide personalized services to the user;

3.2.3. communicate with the user, including to send notices, requests and information related to the use and provision of services, and to process requests and applications from the user;

3.2.4. improve the quality of service, the usability of the Website, and develop new features and functions of the Website;

3.2.5. provide the user with recommendations on how to use services that are within the user's best interests; use user’s cookies file in order to calculate visitor’s clicks onto this or that variant of web pages; use user’s cookies file in order to analyze network traffic and estimate the popularity of service settings; use user’s cookies file in order to identify and provide user with relevant services according to his or her interests including the services offered by our partners;

3.2.6. target advertising materials, i.e. modification and analysis of performance of advertising that the user can see, including to demonstrate advertising to the user in line with the user's interests;

3.2.7. conduct statistical and other research based on depersonalized data;

3.2.8. carry out internal management, including elimination of errors, data analysis, check, study and improvement of provision of services and operation of the Website.

4. Conditions of Processing and Transfer of the User's Personal Information to Third Parties

4.1. The Site Administration maintains confidentiality of the user's personal information unless the user voluntarily provides his or her information for public access by an unlimited number of people. When using the Website, the user agrees to a certain part of the user's personal information becoming publicly available.

4.2. The Site Administration may transfer the user's personal information to third parties if:

4.2.1. the user has consented to such actions;

4.2.2. such transfer is required to provide a certain service to the user through the Website;

4.2.3. such transfer is set forth in applicable laws and is subject to a legally established procedure;

4.2.4. such transfer is carried out within the sale or transfer of business otherwise (in full or in part) in which event the purchaser acquires all obligations to meet the terms and conditions of this Policy applicable to personal information received by it;

4.2.5. same is required to secure the protection of rights and lawful interests of the Site Administration, other users or third parties if and when the user fails to comply with the Terms of Use of ReadRate Website.

4.3. The Site Administration reserve the right to disclose user’s personal information and cookies to Site Administration’s partners within and under aim and scope of governing law.

4.4. When processing users' personal data, the Site Administration is governed by applicable laws on storage and processing of personal data.

5. Modification of Personal Information by the User

5.1. The user may at any time modify (update, supplement) personal information provided by the user or any part thereof and its confidentiality parameters by using the personal data editing function on the personal page within the Website.

5.2. The user may also delete personal information provided by the user within a certain account by using the “Remove my personal page” function. In this event, removal of the personal page will make it impossible to use services provided through the Website.

6. Measures of Protection of Users' Personal Information

6.1. The Site Administration takes all and any adequate organizational and technical measures required to protect the user's personal information against unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, locking, copying, distribution or any other unlawful actions with it by third parties.

7. Final provisions

7.1. This Policy is an agreement between the user and the Site Administration regarding information and data that the Site Administration may receive from the user during the user's use of the Website and its services and shall replace all and any previous agreements between the user and the Administration;

7.2. This Policy shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with laws of the State of New York and federal laws of the USA except their conflict of laws principles. The user and the Site Administration shall refer all and any disputes, complaints or claims arising from this Policy to examination and resolution solely by a court of the Southern District of the State of New York or a federal court in the Southern District of the State of New York in accordance with rules for determination of court jurisdiction. The user agrees to submit to the personal jurisdiction of courts in the Southern District of the State of New York for proceedings on all and any disputes, complaints or claims referred to above.

7.3. This Policy takes effect for the user as of the date it is accepted by the user and shall be effective indefinitely.

7.4. This Policy is made in Russian and may be provided to the user for review in another language. In case of a discrepancy between the Russian version of the Policy and a version of the Policy in another language, provisions of the Russian version of the Policy shall apply.

7.5. If one or several provisions of these ToU are held invalid or unenforceable for any reason this shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.

7.6. The Site Administration reserves the right to amend the Policy at any time. The said amendments become binding on users as of publication on the Website. The current version is always available at

8. Feedback. Questions and Suggestions

Please address all suggestions and questions in respect of this Policy to .